What we do:

Why Not Do It Ent. Inc. is a company that specializes in marketing and advertisement of product placements and target markets that will obtain your business of success. Without marketing and advertisement, businesses will not be able to get business.

Why Not Do It Ent Inc. helps develop and establish your marketing and advertising campaigns for your products and services so you can get reoccurring business. In addition to marketing and advertising, we provide film pre/post production, storyboard development, treatments, casting call, hiring of actors and actresses, licensing, branding and trademark consulting, commercial videos, press kits, artist management, contracts, negotiations, brokering deals, and promotional products such as silkscreen T-shirts.

With our partnership with Dreamfarmer Institute for Talent Development, we can also provide a full curriculum for your workshops. Dreamfarmer will help develop your workshops and training in expertise you may have so you can make money for your organization through education. The workshops will have structure and credible content, workshop materials, pre/post assessments and follow up services.

We will uphold the integrity of your business with confidentiality agreements, 100% quality assurance, customer care, and professionalism. We will aid and help maximize your business’ potential. We will need your full support and cooperation to do our jobs effectively, under no law or pretense of using our constitutional rights and freedom of speech.


What we’ve done:

Fox 40 show “The Goods” at Sundays 11am. Provided weekly entertainment news.

The Health Sports Academy Twin Rivers Unified School District. Educated the youth at Grant Union High School on marketing, advertising, film production and editing.



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