Why Indy Filmmakers are in the dark.

Here is a recent post to the LA Producer's Group in comment on how to use projection comparable data in a film business plan:
"Most projections serve as a disservice because they are just based on comps
which don't accurately reflect the reality of a project's profitable
prospects. Saying that, if you want a more realistic tool... especially tohelp
with negotiations and contracts, make sure the projections includes a
sources and uses regressive analysis with proven coefficients and recent
derivatives. Also an IRR and NPV enables a quicker "yes" from thegatekeepers
advising civilian financiers from different industries. A CPAlevel contractual
knowledge of how most studios and distributors legally butunethically mix and
match cash and accrual accounting will further give yourpotential investors
confidence when you tell them what the potential profitscan be.
Randy Turrow, PGA/DGA "

If you can't figure out what he's talking about... that's my point!
Makes me laugh at a phone message awhile back..."Hey Frank, Know any investors?" He didn't have a clue.
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