“ Stars “ they aren’t really like us. celebrities spend a good part of their lives focusing on intense fitness regimens and diets in order to appear perfect at all times.

American Film celebrities has a smashing lifestyle..but besides their films, albums, and professional career, celebrities often become known for their crazy diet and fitness plans.Like Emilia Clarke  and Chris Hemsworth. But while some stars go to unsustainable extremes to drop pounds, others have really figured out how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Here, we've rounded up the best tips from stars who know how to lose weight without completely depriving themselves.

Let’s Take a Look at some :

  • Jessica Alba: The 31-year-old actress , she said..“I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it.”

  • Gwyneth Paltrow: To lose weight before promoting “Iron Man 2,” Paltrow doubled up on sessions with trainer Tracy Anderson and stuck to a strict diet..

  • Anne Hathaway: When it came time to film “Les Misérables,” Hathaway had to slim down to play the character Fantine..she lost weight by eating two twin squares of dried oatmeal paste a day and nothing else. And that’s how you win as Oscar, ladies.

  • Christina Aguilera: Aguilera reportedly got her body in prime form thanks to the “color diet,” which only allows followers eat foods of one specific color every day.

  • Mo’Nique: The comedian turned Oscar winner was famous for her full frame, but recently dropped over 50 pounds by working out five times a week.

  • Beyoncé: While cleanses are always popular, Beyoncé took it to another level. To lose 20 pounds in two weeks before filming “Dreamgirls,” Bey exclusively swigged a concoction of fresh lime or lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with water 6 to 12 times a day, as well as an herbal laxative tea. Sounds healthy! To be fair, she’s since said she’d never do it again.

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