First off__hats off to the editor of this episode of Alive n KickingTV by Jim Bailey
I merely direct the Live performances, Jim has to compile the Interview and live performances, insert titles,credits, etc...

+PLEASE ENJOY+ - Sacramento fan favorite band MUSICAL CHARIS

Live on stage with none other than musical phenom 
Joe Kye . Musical Charis really gives a harmonious almost mystical musical journey when they play. Their songs have meaning. Their performances uplift your soul.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DIRECTORS NOTES
In 2 words- Frenetic Editing for this episode.
As the director and someone who will take full blame.... I can tell you its because our Camera people were giving me too many Great shots. To add, the performance itself will/should have an effect on the direction. For me the live editor, the focus is the cadence of the song. In Terms of live editing of musical acts....

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DIRECT EXCELLENT Camera people. They will find the best shot, they will constantly seek the best shots and serve them on a platter.I just have to scoop them up with some composure.

My direction is always " follow the Song". Who has a solo? Who is currently singing? They will take it from there.

This Amazing episode is brought to you by the crew at - Access Sacramento On-camera for this episode.
Danny Mendonsa, Adrian Cameramanofsteel Gonzales, "Ro" Roniecia Harris,Andrew Christensen

LIGHTING -John Carlson - should be noted. He looks like he's having a good time with all the Lighting.In fact John himself was "finding the beat" of the performance in order to sync with it.

The magic of Live recording is it becomes a fluid motion. You are guided by the performances.

Daniel J. Lorenzo

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