The Importance of Film Festivals...

With as many starving actresses, actors and crew out there, one would think that those looking to work more in the film industry would attend every event that could bring them closer to their goal. However, so many don't understand just how film festivals play into that goal. I am an avid festival goer as I know that it is there that I will find those that I want to work with in the future. By watching others films and networking with those film makers I have been able to access some of the finest talent around. Even if you are not involved in a project which is screening, just networking with those in the industry will allow you opportunity to get to know others and become better known by film makers in the area.

Why am I saying this? I will be looking for those such people during the Sacramento Film Festival. Our next project will be shot entirely in the Sacramento Region, so what better place to look than at the Sacramento International Film Festival. I guess what I'm saying is, those who show up tend to do better in this business. Those who attend functions, are easier to get to know and all thing equal, I'd rather hire someone that I know than a stranger.

If your an aspiring actress or actor. If your a DP, camera operator, sound person, gaffer or any other type of crew, this would be a perfect place for you to find work and be found. So many think it's just seeing a film and walking away, but film festivals are so much more. I watch as many films as I can, and in each instance I am looking for what works and what doesn't. My mind searches for new talent and I myself become a better film maker.

So, if your sitting on the fence and don't know if you want to attend The Sacramento International Film Festival, the question I'd ask yourself is what is important to you.... and where do you want to go in this industry and how fast? Anyway, I will definitely be there taking in as much as I can. Hope to see you as well!

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  • Please join us for the rest of the festival!

  • Awesome lady! Loved your film too!

  • Great piece Kristen - you're absolutely right. Only wish I could make it this year to see attend my screening, see your films and others and meet other film makers.
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