While the idea for American Courtesans may have been sparked by a visit to an S&M club in NYC (see http://www.americancourtesans.com/about2.php); the actual creation took place on the opposite coast in Sacramento CA. Our company, Centex Enterprises, is located here in Sacto.

Kristen DiAngelo (Producer) and I began writing and brainstorming our documentary here. It went together quickly, taking only a couple of weeks to hammer out the frame work for the film. Within two months of our original idea we had assembled a crew, found thirteen women who were willing to share their lives with us, and did our first week of shooting; which began in Sacramento with Pearl Callahan, Kristen DiAngelo, and two other women who are not in the film. We then moved to San Francisco where we interviewed Juliet Capulet, Emma Dupree, and did numerous street interviews (a compilation of which is coming soon on our website www.americancourtesans.com).

After the first week, we took a break for the holidays and spent it planning the last  two weeks of filming. The making was quite an adventure that took us to LA (Norma Jean Almodovar), Las Vegas (Erin Marxxx), New Orleans (Skylar Cruz & Hilary Holiday), New York (Gina Depalma), Washington DC (Gina Robinson & Tamsen Crown), and back to Sacramento where we finished filming and had our wrap party; which was attended by the women in the film.

So, Sacramento is not only a home base, but a majority of the filming took place here.

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