So You Say You're In the "Film Business"

What is it with all these people here who say they are in the "Film Business" in Sacramento??? I suspect they would "like" to be in some sort of "film business", but I'm sure most of them all have "day jobs". Come on...There are only a handful of people who make their FULLTME living using a camera...and that would be in professional video production. There is no film business in Sacramento.So this site needs to come up with more catagory choices.... like: MovieMaking Afficianado, or maybe Wannabe In the Film Biz.... or simply MovieMaker. But let's take the word Business out of the title when there is no business.
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  • yep,
    thanks for the feedback! Hope to see you at the party wednesday so us moguls can skool (old skool) all the wannabes. LOL!
  • Helps a bunch!... Thanks Marty.
    I'd like to be listed as "Film Mogul"... That's a guy who navigates all those bumpy ski slopes while going downhill in the film business... LOL.
  • Ok Frank,
    so based on your feedback we've added a couple selections. First is "Film Hobbyist" intended to help identify those who do not self-describe as professionals at all and the second is "aspiring or student film maker" to help identify those who have professional aspirations but are not there yet. This should help further clarify for any who may be confused.

    That said, some may identify as a pro who clearly are not. This is why we have them list resumes and this is why when selecting crew we interview folks and seek out all relevant facts that may pertain. Hope this helps!
  • Thank you Mike...
    Marty... Are ya listening???
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