Seeking cast for a short film at the end of July (Sacramento and surrounding areas)

Currently seeking actors to audition via youtube for a short film shooting at the end of July.
NON-PAID, but food, credit and possibly a copy to be provided (A copy hasn't been talked about with the creator of the short yet).

The roles are listed below. Please send a head shot and resume and what role you are wanting to read for to . I will respond with a yes or no (more descriptive then that) and a copy of the script (if you make the cut so to speak) for your video audition or in person audition if you are in the Sacramento area or willing to come down.


Mr. Charles P. Cable
A fragile man, just past middle age. Naïve. Bill Nighy (Underworld: Rise of the
Lycans) -- kind of lanky, tall, nimble even. Cares about Josie (daughter), but
they have a difficult relationship. High blood pressure causes nose bleeds. His
clothes are meticulous, but slightly threadbare -- plain dress shirt, dark slacks. He
becomes increasingly disheveled as the film progresses. House is modest, but
messy. Cubicle sparse, Spartan even.

Josie Cable
Cable's daughter. Pretty, but not typical. Assertive. College grad. Nomadic.
Appearance is eccentric/alternative, but not hipster. Lives off coffee. Cares about
her dad, but they have a difficult relationship. Feels she needs to take care of
her dad because he doesn't take care of himself. Photograph -- Josie abroad in
Europe or on the beach. At the end, she reveals her vulnerable/insecure side.

Cable's coworker. Middle-aged. Frumpy. Yenta, busybody. Fake. "Nice" to Cable
just because she's "nice" to everyone.

Nondescript. Clones. Self-absorbed. All in bland dress shirts and slacks. Mill
about in background. Have nothing to do with Cable.

The big cheese in security. Sharp, menacing. Saccharine, artificial. Underlying
threat, tension. Corrupt. Young (30s), baby-faced. Attached to smart phone.
Clever, but jumps to conclusions. Draconian. Prefers to be efficient rather than

The con artist and identity thief. Off screen, voice only role. Originally written as
a male buddy-type character, but previous production company wanted femme
fatale. Unassuming, relaxed, casual.

"Kate" is not who she says she is -- has been
tracking the office's activities for a long time and Cable is an easy target to get
what she wants (social security numbers, etc.). After manipulating Cable, there's
no trace of her -- she completely falls off the radar. Malcolm has no knowledge of her.

Cable has a soft spot for young women
-- reminds him of his daughter.

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