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    The Urban Film Summit of 2018 had a great turnout as producers, directors, actors- aspiring, and working- congregated together at Carol’s Books on Saturday, December 1st. The summit was a conference that gave the floor to the innovators of the entertainment industry to educate the growing artist populace of Sacramento. Speakers like Aaron Leong, Gerry Simpson, Mark Clebanoff, and Toni Staniewicz shared their experience in their specific fields of expertise. The crowd left with not only FREE knowledge, but networks to fuel their next projects. The casting call for the California Film Foundation’s annual Fashion on Film event took place as well. The influx of people at the casting call allowed fashion designers the ability to compile the talent they wanted, and needed to showcase their woven art pieces properly. 

     The journey to put Sacramento on the map as a utopia for artists of all crafts has not been an easy one, but with the persistence of the veterans in this fight, and the courage of new participants to join in, the war will be won. Thank you to all those that participated. If you didn’t get a chance to please be on the lookout for some of the footage of this particular event, as well as updates about future events here at

- Celestial

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