Movie Making Business Moving Out of Calif.?

It's called "Runaway Productions"...Making movies (of any significant budget) has been moving our of California for the past few decades. Now it's getting critical for those who make their livings making movies... Mostly folks living in Los Angeles. I had to repost the following commentary from the LA Producers Group Forum:

It is not just runaway production, it is the general dumbing down of America andthe screamingly constant increasing stupidity of on-screen content driven by thestupid, stupid glee of fobbing off low-end, mindless, trashy reality junk on agrowing number of mind-snatched grunts masquerading as hominids.

Onceupon a time, pig ignorance was largely confined to sections of Europeancountries removed from good media and communications access, the remote hillsand valleys of the United States, and to dumpster cultures around the world, butall that has changed and I hear the new motion picture rating system willprohibit ticket sales to anyone with an IQ over 35. Within a couple of years,television will convert entirely to infomercials and the major networks andsyndicates will move to UTube and Twitter where all programming will be totallynon-professional and done on webcams by illiterate pre-adolescents.

By2012 the states of Michigan, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Louisiana willlimit production permits to groups with budgets of under $8.49, the Toronto andVancouver production base will move into the Hudson Bay Islands, and the mostpopular show on TV will be the international edition of the Jack La Lane JuicerShow. Broadway will embrace rap musicals about lobotomies and lobectomies.Documentaries will be made about the making of the making of documentaries andnews broadcasts will be limited to news about infomercials,

By 2015Warner Brothers will become gender non-specific and change its name to WarnerSiblings, Fox Studios will take up the animal rights mantle and convert its nameto Foxglove. China will become Happy Family Place. Call letters will beabolished due to public outrage over Alphabetical Profiling.

Who is toblame for this? Is it a small group of Lilliputians engaged in their big-end,little-end debate? Is it the Idi Amin Track and Field Society? Is it MichaelEisner or Mike Ovitz? NO. We, the entertainment and media community who embraceand worship our own emptyheadedness and deify the talentless-klewless mudsuckersamongst us are to blame. There was a time when quality and literacy wererespected but all of that was smoked out and what is left is the rubble of aonce proud industry, the rubbish of our species.

This memo just in fromthe International Non-Scrited Scriptwriters Commission: due to the cooling ofglobal warming, all rules of grammar in all languages except Aleut and Lapp aresuspended and the content of all scripts must be made to fit on a single fortunecookie strip in order to save the tree that grows in Brookly. Fortune cookieproduction shall be outsourced to the 419 Region of Nigeria. AFTRA has approveda merger with the ILGWU.

Ned Stuart, Lang Syne Films

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  • You are one INSULTING dude Jason. You certainly know how to alienate people and therefore nobody will remotely take you seriously... so your rants will pretty much be a waste of time. If you want to take the time to write, you might consider how your readers will respond to your language, otherwise you risk being considered nothing more than a jerk.
  • Frank, most of what i was saying has nothing to do with his comments? He says nothing of what you're referring to. And to quote you, "I think you missed much of the point of what Ned was saying. Yes, you can do filmmaking because you love it, but that has very little to do with being financially successful at it. If one is simply an "artist", one will most likely be a "starving artist" when one has no business sense. But some of the world's greatest films were made by great artists... who remained poor". I'm reading this again, where the hell did you get that from. Frank, this makes me wonder if you are even literate. Ned Stuart is going on a rant about how idiotic society is because if he doesn't, he has nothing to write about. I agree, most of society is ignortant, but show me Frank, please, show me where your point has any validity. You keep spewing nonsense out of your mouth. You keep saying the same thing over and over like, not a broken record, but a scratched record that has nothing to say but the words that have been etched in it to repeat over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, you probably still haven't gotten my point, but over and over and over and over, are you getting it now Frank? Starving artists? Love of filmmmaking? Businesss sense? What the hell are you talking about? Anybody with any sense can see right through your bullshit. I encourage every reader of this blog to validate Frank's point. Please show me. Let me know if I'm blind. Help Frank out everybody. Please, validate the point that he cannot make on his own.
  • Jason...Ya cut down on the coffee bro! Bit over the edge. I think you missed much of the point of what Ned was saying. Yes, you can do filmmaking because you love it, but that has very little to do with being financially successful at it. If one is simply an "artist", one will most likely be a "starving artist" when one has no business sense. But some of the world's greatest films were made by great artists... who remained poor. I think Ned was referring to a the "film industry" that is bigger than what you or I do. He's talking about an entire industry moving out of California, and LA specifically. (PS, they have been there "for centuries") Most of what you were saying had nothing to do with his comments.
  • Oh yeah, by the way, I'll be making my first feature film in New Mexico in Summer 2011. So the writer of the article can revel in that also. Ned Stuart, don't watch it, don't buy it, just write about it and let other sheep who know nothing about filmmaking post it on blogs, where only people like me will read it, and never get a response from you. : )
  • LMAO. This is what Hollywood has been doing to the masses for centuries. Get used to it Hollywood, you are now OBSOLETE. Yes, you read that right OBSOLETE. It happened to the music industry with pirating of music. The music industry ripped off the consumer of music for years. Now that the tables have turned, and consumers are pirating the SHIT that the music industry has been putting out for years, the music industry is bitching that they are not getting their fair share of revenue. BOO fucking HOO. It's called Kharma. Look it up. Granted, the more technology becomes affordable, the more shit we have to watch because everybody thinks they're a fucking filmmaker. Buy your cameras. Get your funding. Your talentless ass will be right where it started, except 4,000 dollars or more into debt. No amount of money can give you talent. Let me ask you this, if you put a briefcase filled with one million dollars next to a pile of shit, what is it? It's still a pile of shit. It just has money by its side. People have forgotten one element: Do filmmaking because you love it and have a passion for it. The rest of you, quit right now, sell your cameras on Ebay, put in your application at Wal-Mart, and fulfill your destiny as a cashier, door greeter, or stock person. Leave filmmaking to the people who love filmmaking, and go away.
  • Now here's the Silver Lining to all that... "Independent Moviemaking", such as we do in Sacramento, may find a new boost from all this!!
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