Movie Industry in Decline?

by Martin Anaya Let me put your mind at ease. The short answer is "NO". In spite of the forcast demise of the Motion picture industry at the hands of illegal piracy as fortold by the MPAA, the truth is that In 2009, Hollywood made more movies and more revenue than ever before. In fact, for the first time ever, the domestic box office grosses will pass $10 billion according to many sources. And we haven't even kicked in all that crazy 'Avatar' money yet! All this during the worst economy in 40 years, a tremendous amount of file sharing (illegal downloading as it's also known), poor December weather and out and out piracy. Certainly, many of the huge companies who own the studios have taken a hit in this economy but movies have been the one bright spot. Now, are you ready for the real news?? Ready to get your hair mussed? In the year of 2009, as of this writing, Video Games have already taken in a whopping 14 billion dollars and are poised with any luck to top 20 billion if they have a good December. So what does all this mean for our industry and the future. One thing is for certain. With the advent of more and more interrelated technologies, your grandkids' entertainment will bare a scant resemblence to yours. And for those of us who call ourselves producers or content creators, the world of inter-active media bares a closer look. That is exactly what we plan to do at the 2010 Sacramento Film Festival as we feature more panels and more industry representation than ever before. Keep your ears to the ground as in coming weeks we'll once again raise the bar for what a film festival can be in the state capital. Stay tuned!
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