Magus Movie Update, part 5

Okay. I submitted the movie. I was hoping the "received" indication would  have shown up on Withoutabox by now. I am not sure how that all works.

Those that participated in this movie are extremely anxious to see it. I am not sure if I want them to see it before the premiere. Kind of a "don't want to jinx it" thing.

Directors are known to be superstitious. Or at least superstitious things happen around them. Like Terry Giliam's experiences. Are these mishaps perhaps the director's unconscious intent on throwing a wrench into his own life? I have experinced this way too much.

Are the machinations of my intentions of being a movie director actually causing the technical failures I have encountered during the making this movie? Who else could it be? Myriads of rival movie makers? No. I think it was me, pushing myself. Somehow. Subconsciously. I was putting myself to the test. Huh?


I am ending this transmission...

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  • I look at the date of my post and wonder what the heck is my problem? It had been only 1 day since the delivery confirmation and I was freaking out. It seemed like months. :)

  • Your Red dot is BLUE..IT's been recieived. Calm ...breathe :)


This reply was deleted.