Magus Movie Update, part 3

Well, mixing the audio, adding sound effects/foley. Sounding good with the sound track music (which just arrived).

However, I am having an issue with color matching. All the effects shots (rendered from After Effects) are "dark" compared to the original footage. I have tried several settings adjustments, rendered to Bluray, and saw NO difference. Everything is dark. I am suspecting the Bluray HD range of colors. On a DVD, I don't think it would be an issue. Everything looks fine on the computer after adjustments, but the render to disk looks, well, not BAD, but not Good.

After the few experiments, and using a vectorscope in Vegas, I am leaning toward the Gamma as being the culprit. Changing the black and white levels didn't seem to help. There was a change but not helping. So, I don't think with Bluray I have to worry about "illegal" colors like with TV broadcast. I will boost the gamma until it looks good playing via Bluray disk. AND hopefully it will look the same on the big screen.

Hey, if anyone has dealt with this in the past, please pass on your wisdom...

Promo Still - Lucifer and the Magus - 2012

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