Magus Movie Update

Whew! I took last week off in the attempt to finish all the VFX on my movie short. With all the multi-tasking and lacking social life, I was almost 100% finished. One effect still needs development and a few need some fixing and re-render. I was sooo close. :)


I am trying to have the project complete by a certain date. I have had to compromise on  some of the VFX. There was a certain look I was going for, but with the time contraint, I do not have the time. Also, I have had technical difficulties. Computers blowing up, software not working properly, etc. I had to wait for E-on Software to fix a Vue bug. I am glad they fixed it in  time for me  to finish, but that bug did cause a delay.


I now realize that the time contraint and technical difficulties are some of the same issues that big budget filmmakers need to deal with. Other directors often have to compromise their vision to "get the project done". I am over here stressing over a 15 minute movie. I think I actually felt chest pains at one point. How will I deal with a feature length movie using other people's money and time?? For one thing, hopefully that would be my "job". Right now my income comes from other than making movies, so much of my time is spent working at that. When making movies becomes my income, I am sure the stress will decrease since I will be able to dedicate all my time toward the craft. As long as I don't need to deal with the politics, I am cool. I might have to hire someone to deal with that part. :)


Anyway, looks like the movie will be finished on time. Boy, are my neurons tired!

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