Interesting Changes in the Exhibition Business

This month we've seen some interesting developments in the Exhibition business... the people who own the theaters. Naturally, this directly relates to Movie Making since these are the people we want to show our products. The big challenge has always been "How do we get our products (movies) to them". Traditionally, the only way was through a distributor. The Distribution Deal became the Holy Grail. But as of recently, the distributors have not been buy much of Indy Movie product ( for a number or reasons ). Here's what's changing:--AMC Theatre chain just signed a DIRECT deal with a documentary filmmaker to show his movie at 14 of their theaters. That's unheard of... and very brave of AMC to go against their bread & butter of their traditional suppliers (studios). Will they be punished for that?, because now... They have opened the door to direct deals with filmmakers.--The big new 16 screen cineplex in Folsom just opened this week...and it's ALL DIGITAL. Meaning...if we can ever get in the door to direct distribution, we DON'T have to do an expensive 35mm film out. We can distribute in a very inexpensive digital form. That makes it easier to sell our products to them!Interesting developments!!
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