I am so excited about the news that my screenplay FEARLESS has been accepted to the 22nd Annual Sacramento International Film Festival for the American Screenplay Challenge (Short) category!

With early detection, a diagnosis of breast cancer no longer guarantees a death sentence. Both the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the Pink Ribbon advertising campaign have generated a high level of public consciousness for breast cancer awareness, making it easier to openly discuss this serious women’s health issue. With advances in technology and more and more women surviving breast cancer, it would seem to be a “no-brainer” that one should get her annual mammogram.


However, despite widely disseminated public knowledge favoring early detection, many women continue to defer or refuse annual breast exams, placing themselves in needless risk. Regardless of health coverage and wide availability, procrastination, fear, and mechanisms of denial continue to prevent women in all walks of life from taking meaningful action toward their own disease prevention.


FEARLESS is a script for a short film intended to motivate viewers to participate in breast cancer screening and disease prevention through early detection. Viewers will be able to readily apply the film’s message to their own lives through emotional identification with compelling characters in familiar situations. Most importantly, I hope this film will encourage both mothers and daughters to follow through on best health practices.

Can't wait to meet all the other writers and filmmakers this year!

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