December 2009

I've been forgetting to come back regularly to this site. I like the networking aspect of it, and it also allows me yet another place to write a blog. I don't really like cutting and pasting blogs that I've written from other places, so it's another outlet.For the remainder of December, I have only one project. It's a trailer for a 70's style horror movie, and although it's played very serious, the title will tell you it's not. What's the title? I'm not saying. I may even get into a bit of trouble if I post it here because of language. The script was done (over six pages for a 2 minute trailer!) but the original version was played more broad. The idea has been in my head for a couple years, and in re-reading it, I saw that I'd lost some of my original intention. I've rewritten it (I think it's still 6 pages though), and it's serious and just what I wanted.I'm using local actors, mainly ones I've worked with before, and contacting some new people to take part in the fun. I'll be shooting some things on greenscreen, and on location in different houses around town.Back soon with the finished product.JaceP.S. Oh, and happy holidays.
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  • Right on Jace! Thanks for the update and thanks for returning to the site!
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