Danielle Moné Truitt is an "Overnight Success"


By Chloe Teegarden

Sacramento Native and Sac State alumni Danielle Moné Truitt got her start in local productions through the B Street Theatre, Sacramento Theatre Company, Celebration Arts, and Music Circus, starring in productions such as "Hair" and "Aida". She has gone on to fame as the title character of the John Singleton produced, BET show "Rebel".

 Danielle is returning home this Sunday, September 10th in "Overnight Success", a "night of music and truth-telling".

What is the inspiration for "Overnight Success"?

Overnight Success is about the last 10 years of my journey in Los Angeles. The things I've been through and learned and some of the work that I've done that has shaped my career.

Why did you decide to return to Sacramento to perform "Overnight Success"?

I decided to come back to Sacramento to perform the show because when I left Sacramento I did a show called "Journey To Stardom" as a send off to Los Angeles. So now that I have been in Los Angeles almost 11 years, I wanted to come back and share what I have experienced and learned. Plus, so many people in Los Angeles helped to shape me as an artist. It's kind of a thank you to those people and the city.

How did performing in local productions like Music Circus shape your acting skills?

Well, I would have to give more credit to Celebration Arts and B Street Theatre. Those are the theatres that took me in and really gave me opportunities to explore and grow as an actor. Even after I moved to LA I was able to come back to The B Street Theatre to perform. Music Circus was a lot of fun and because the productions are put up so quickly, it helped me to be able to perform at 100% level in a short amount of time.

                                         Danielle Truitt as BET's "REBEL".

What are the biggest differences between being on stage and on screen? Which do you prefer?

On stage the energy is more potent; you get to feed off of the audience. You get to see people being affected by what they are seeing and feeling. You also get no do-overs. You have to ready for anything. Screen is lots of fun, you get to do things over and over to insure the best performance. Screen is all about the eyes and subtleties. And it's something you are able to have forever. So it's really cool, but there is not feeling like being live on stage. Nothing compares to it.

What has been your favorite role so far?

My favorite role ever is the role of Camae, from the play The Mountaintop. 

The writers of "Rebel" said they wrote your character to better reflect your personality. What characteristics do you think you share?

Rebel and I are both very passionate about what we believe in, and we are unapologetic about who we are.

What advice do you have for young women in Sacramento trying to make it in the entertainment industry?

Fall in love with yourself. Love YOU! This industry is hard and the last thing you need to be confused about is who you are and what you have to offer the world. Whether the industry sees it or not, you have to know it! 

Danielle will be performing "Overnight Success" Sunday, September 10th at Harlow's. You can purchase tickets here.

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