Looking for two leads.Female lead, 20-25, under 5'9, I would say a mousy type.Male lead, late 50's to early 60's (bill nighy type).Supporting actorNeeds to be in shape.Snarky and a bit of an attitude. But I kind want a creepy look.Mentality if a boss but the position of security guard.More positions will be added.Filming at end of July.More details on roles to come.Crew is also needed.Also need a house that looks and can be made to look lived in. If its poor looking, great.I also need an office location. Cubicles great but I will settle for several desks or a location that can be used as such (then all I would need is several desks). Lets say a call center look to it.Shooting at end of July in Sacramento.Food/copy/credit. Non-paid.
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