Casting call 12/7/13!

Attention all aspiring actors! I'm looking to cast a handful of actors for my new short film, Freakquency.

Freakquency is a drama with a hint of sci-fi which focuses on a young woman, Rose, coming of age in her modeling career while trying to keep her emotions under control in fear of unleashing her inner power of destruction. 

This is my first time writing and directing a film. I have a strong background in all things multimedia. I've been a professional photographer for 8 years now and also have experience in filming, editing and special effects. I need a strong cast that shares my vision and wants to create something great. The runtime of

Freakquency will be 7 minutes. The goal is to enter the film in 4 Sacramento film festivals starting in February 2014 first premiering with the California Film Foundation.

There will be 4 locations where this will be filmed. The majority of the filming will be held in Sacramento at the APS Graphic Center, December 21.

Contact Director, Matt Salvo at 916-947-7066 or (preferred) for details and screenplay requests. If interested in acting roles, please read character descriptions and email me a current photo of yourself. 

Meet me in person at the Speed Casting auditions held by Mosaic Acting Studio December 7 at 1:00 p.m. at The Graphic Center 3925 Power Inn Rd. at 14th Ave, Sacramento. Look for my Freakquency table. 

Character descriptions:

Rose (age 7-10) lead

Little Rose is a thoughtful and wise beyond her years kid. Must be able to convey emotion with few words.

Little to no acting experience is acceptable. The look: dirty blonde to brunette hair color, average to petite build. Brown or hazel eye color. 

Rose (age 16-19) lead

Rose is a down-to-earth and confident young woman who just graduated from highschool and is working as a receptionist to pay the rent while she models on the side. She's a complex person with lots of ideas and goals and is very family oriented. She tries to maintain her emotions in fear of unleashing her inner powers that cause great destruction. 

Acting and modeling experience a plus but not necessary. The look: dirty blonde to brunette hair color, slim build. Brown or hazel eye color. 

Charlie (age 39-45) lead

Charlie is Rose's father. A real salt of the earth, thought provoking guy. He's worked on a farm most of his life and does everything in his power as a single dad to raise his daughter right. He's a man of few words, but when he speaks people listen.

Acting experience a plus. The look: Brown hair, average to heavy build. 

Marie (age 32-40) lead

Marie is pregnant with Rose. She is very down to earth and has a great sense of humor. 

Acting experience is a plus but not necessary. The look: Blonde/dirty blonde hair. Pregnant (7-8 months would be ideal) or able to pull off the pregnant look.    

Mason (age 17-21) lead

Mason was the Varsity football star at his highschool a few years back. A sweet guy but not all that smart. Playing the role of Roses boyfriend of 2 years. 

Acting experience not necessary. The look: jock type and muscular.  

Michael (age 24-35) lead

Michael is a fashion designer and always has an alternative motive. He's a womanizer and generally a scumbag. 

No acting experience necessary. The look: dark hair, dark features. 

Also in search of:

60 extras of every shape and size for one scene. Filming will be December 21 and will last about 4 hours. Food, drinks and mock-fashion show will be provided. 

Sound engineer. I need someone who can record audio for later syncing to the video in post production. Previous experience a huge plus.

Production assistant. I need someone who is reliable and can help coordinate with production and manage the extras while on set. Someone to help with the food/drinks and provide help with the actors and myself whenever is needed. Must be friendly and assertive. 

DJ. I need a DJ that has their own equipment and can be on location for about 4 hours during production.

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