Screenplay concept in-progress

I’m considering expanding my short, “Emily,” into a feature-length screenplay.
The narrative is about a husband and wife dealing with the vanishing of their son in different ways as their relationship is held in limbo. ...will Emily forgive herself for the role she played in the disappearance of her son and will she ultimately find him? Will her husband, Dan, forgive Emily or has he moved on?

In addition to this script I am considering expanding “The Empty Lot” into a feature as well. “The Empty Lot” is about a man whose dream is to become a used car salesman. His expanding dream comes face to face with the harsh reality of impending poverty, his ill mother and pregnant sister, all of whom can no longer support his unattainable goals. Desperate to prove his ability to succeed, he makes a deal with a criminal that takes more than a return on the loan down payment for an empty lot.

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