Jale is Spanish for “pull”, but also is Chicano/Mexican slang for “work”. The tile also refers to the push and pull of immigration that draws Mexicans to the U.S. This film is an attempt to create a metaphor of the experience of day laborers and the Chicano community through the eyes of a Mexican day laborer named Fulano. When Fulano is hired to dig a grave he learns about the duplicity of North American policies and attitudes towards undocumented labor.
The director conducted six months of research in San Francisco’s Mission District and spoke with various undocumented day laborers to create an original story that explores this unique social perspective. In an attempt to create a new form of Chicano Third Cinema, the director decided to employ real day laborers as untrained actors and shot the entire film in true guerilla fashion.

- Written, Directed and Edited by Rafael Flores

Screens at The Sacramento International Film Festival April 11th @ 2:30 pm.

Location = Sacramento State University's Union/Hinde Auditorium
6000 J st
Sacramento Ca, 95819

Tickets availiable at www.sacramentofilmfestival.com

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