Laced Up: A Film That Helps You Understand Sneaker Culture

How far would you go for a pair of your favorite sneakers? Under our noses sneaker culture is on the rise among fans and bloggers. Laced Up is a film that documents sneaker collectors and various aspects of sneaker culture. It is not just something that isolated to the United States, but is a worldwide phenomenon. The film immediately begins with letting the audience know that the sneaker game is changing rapidly. With the influx of women whom have not only shown interest in sneaker culture, but are forging their own path with creating spaces for other women who love sneakers. However, there is a dark side to sneaker collection. It can be violent. People have been robbed and even killed for a pair of sneakers. It is a culture with its ups and down and the film really examines that.

The shoe industry is dominated by men. There is no doubt about that. But again, women are making their presence known. However, there is a stigma that surrounds women in the sneaker game. They are assumed to be butch, or unfeminine. This is simply not the case. Sneakers are for all types of women. Part of the problem though, is sneaker companies targeting males, and leaving women to scramble for what they can find. This of course creates a division between genders that is unnecessary. 

Another issue the film touches on is supply and demand. Sneaker companies are purposely not releasing enough pairs of sneakers to handle the demand of buyers. This tends to create tension between buyers. When 200 people are waiting outside of their favorite store, but the store only has 75 pairs of shoes in various sizes that would make any person angry. This has sometimes let to bouts of violence and even death.

There are so many details the film goes over that I cannot cover them all. For someone like me who is not into sneaker culture at all, the film is very educational. There is something there for everyone. Will you become a sneaker head after watching this film? Maybe, maybe not. But you will definitely learn about this international culture that continues to grow in fandom.

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