JeerJimbe - the Jewel Beetle - award winning children's film from India (with English Subtitles) screening in Century Folsom on 3/30 at 7pm

JeerJimbe - an International Film (with English Subtitles) made in India that won awards in India. This film is being screening in Century Folsom on March 30th at 7pm as a special screening. Patrons and members of California Film Foundation are invited to come be part of this screening.

One of the lead actors of this movie is a resident of Folsom. Suman Nagarkar is a popular actor in India and she lives in Folsom, CA. She will be at the screening. 

Here is a synopsis of the movie:


The movie JEERJIMBE is named after the jewel beetle - at the ripe age, the beetle's wings are cut and the wings are used to make ornaments and jewels while the beetle is left to die. Indian culture (which has been evolving and changing in urban areas but hasn't changed much in the rural segment) gets girl kids of 13-15 years married off depriving them of the opportunity to do things on their own, get educated and contribute to the society.

The attempt, through this movie, is to showcase the struggle of a girl coming to age.

Title of the movie: JEERJIMBE (The jewelbeetle) 

Story: Three inventions are considered to be the most important of all the inventions that have taken the human race forward.

-Invention of Fire

-Invention of Tool

-Invention of Wheel...

All of us are beneficiaries of these inventions - especially of wheels. Remember the day when all of us finished our first ride on a bicycle-Successfully and how empowered we felt.

JEERJIMBE is a story of adventures of a 13 year old girl from a remote village in Karnataka, India. The story is based on emotional struggles of a girl when a bicycle enters her life as part of free cycles programs provided by the Government to all high school children in rural areas.

It is the coming of age of a teenager who faces all the challenges of life, because of the confidence she gets by learning a bicycle.

When the girl is forced to marry a 30 year old man, the girl decides to peddle her way from her remote village to Bangalore, a distance of 75 kms in the dead of the night to meet the Chief Minister of the state to appeal to him against the injustice caused to her and other girls of her age.

Based on a true life incident, this story will be an inspiration to all the children. 

The duration of the movie is 125 minutes and has been classified as a children’s film.

We are happy to inform that JEERJIMBE has bagged 4 Government of Karnataka state film awards which is highest by any movie in year 2016.

Best children movie – 2016; Best child actress female; Best music director; Best lyrics. 

The movie is made with international film festival participation in mind. It has English subtitles so it can be viewed by international audience. Several international film festivals are being approached for our film and we have had Official selection in --

New York International festival, Kids First International festival (Mexico)-Finalist , Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Lakeview International film festival –New York -- to name a few.



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