Background Actors Casting Call - Vital Shoot for Local Indie Feature on Sunday, August 19th at the Cow Palace!!!

Hello fellow creatives,

Hope all is well with you, your goals, your projects and all and friends are kind of important too. :)  And I thank you ahead of time for taking a few moments to watch the video below and read up on the details of a hugely vital shoot for my team and I's local feature film project, a fantasy action adventure film called Fight 4 Your Life.

If at all possible, please take out some time from one day in your life and come out to the Cow Palace on Sunday, August 19th and show some NorCal filmmaking community love by participating as a background actor. It's taken us three years to get this venue, so, I can't stress enough how crazy important of an opportunity is for us to do this thing right.

Sunday, August 19th, 2018
The Cow Palace
2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94014

The video attached to this message gives the gist of what's going on on Sunday, August 19th at Cow Palace.

Please click on the following link to go to the film's official website for further info....…/

And this link takes you to a form for signing up, also providing us and you with essential details so we both can be as prepared as possible.…/

You can also email us at to let us know you're coming and/or for additional info. But I strongly recommend going to the links above first. It will save a lot of time on both of our ends.

We need every able body we can get to sell the shots! We promise to keep you active and that you will be seen, as we have various segments to shoot and will be shifting folks around to accommodate the scenarios and such. We prefer the term background actors because you will be doing just that, ACTING, not just sitting there.

Everyone gets a proper credit for their time....the very least we can do. Refreshments will be available for all and we'll have some fun stuff going on in between setups to keep things interesting, such as some small giveaways to keep things light on set. We do our best to make our shoots fun and worth your time.

It's going to go by in a flash! Also know there is a hard stop time in the afternoon, so, trust it's not something that will drag on. We have a morning (8:30am-12:00pm) and an afternoon (11:00am-3:45pm) session if you can't be there the entire day (8:30am-3:45pm). The longer you can be there the more flexibility for us getting successful shots. But no matter how long you can be there we welcome you. We're not in a position to turn folks away.

****We also can always use an extra hand on set if you're a crew member or aspiring filmmaker wanting to help in any way needed. You'll find no egos with us. We're just about working together to achieve a solid project. We value you and your time.****

Still just a bit more to go after this shoot. But damn we're close!!! If you've ever wanted to to join the fight now's the time, as we're in our final push.

Thank you for your time and support everyone. Please share if you can....and feel free to bring as many folks with you as you would like if you plan on attending. We can't stress enough how important this is for the community behind this long running project. All we ask is you let us know ahead of time, if possible, how many people you plan on bringing with you. That allows us to plan properly.

Please note that I/we all respect your skill, time, experience and efforts very much. If this isn't for you, due to it being a non-pay project, we understand and hope to still gain your support, even if you can't participate. I work full time as an independent media producer. It's a constant hustle. So, I fully understand and respect if you just can't do pro-bono type projects. Even if you are open to pro-bonos, I always recommend to choose such wisely.

This ambitious, large scale indie project is something that is getting done. We have nearly 400 people directly involved to date, including 3x World Champion boxer and Sacramento Native, Tony "The Tiger" Lopez, as well as several prominent Bay Area film community stalwarts, including Marcus "Big Spence" Spencer and John Que, who has a prominent part in the upcoming Joe Robert Cole (co-writer for Black Panther) project All Day and a Night. UFC Hall of Famer, Urijah Faber, who was recently seen in Rampage, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and who happens to be an old friend of mine, has also contributed to this project behind the scenes.

Hilarious comedians, talented musicians, skilled dancers, gifted athletes, local actor veterans, hungry up and comers, experienced crew, good-hearted folks just wanting to see something great get made....each and every person involved in this project matters and is a blessing. I can't go on enough about the awesome people we are fortunate to have had join the fight.

It's taken time, but we've never stopped in our progress towards finishing this project. Some of the shoots have simply taken longer than others to achieve, due to their nature, our limited resources and us not striving for perfection, but simply holding true to the vision of the story while doing our best to maintain a certain standard of quality, which can add to the time of production....but is totally worth it.

We know our setbacks and are realistic with the this project's future. We understand what we may have been able to do better and where this can go. Nothing is perfect. But for what it's worth, I am very proud of everyone's committed efforts and truly believe we're going to open some eyes with this film, simply for the scope of it alone. We've really pushed to the limits of low/no budget filmmaking, always learning and growing along the way as we face new challenges and obstacles, much like the lead character in Fight 4 Your Life, Fleet Blackwood.

It's never been about the money, a passion project all the way....something that has brought so many people together, regardless of the size of their role or how much time they've been able to give. And we've done our best to make this film something people can really be proud of and, hopefully, view as a legitimate work that they'd actually watch again after the obligatory premiere.

So, at the very least, you could rest easy knowing you joined and gave time to a film that will actually come to fruition. We've worked our butts off to ensure it does. Our community and the project mean too much to us and everyone involved for it not to be completed. No excuses.

Here's to the journey!

Follow us at Fight 4 Your Life....that's @F4YLMovie on Instagram and Twitter too.

- B

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