Award-Winning Film Screened At Crest Theatre


By Chloe Teegarden

On Thursday, September 21, while many film types in the State Capital were primping for their own close-up at yet another local film short competition, an amazing, multi-award-winning indie feature, iFeel, quietly made it's stop in Sacramento at The Crest Theatre.

The movie takes a unique look at mental illness, through the eyes of handheld technology. The lead character, Daniel, is different from most depictions of the mentally ill in media. Daniel is attractive, charming and successful. iFeel reminds us that even the people who seem perfect, battle their own demons.  CFF caught up with star, Ron Wilder (HBO's House of Lies) before the Sac screening to talk about his role and views on the film.

How does filming on mobile devices affect the tone of iFeel?

For this movie, it enhances the tone. I feel like shooting on mobile devices can become cliche due to the plethora of first-person horror films. We have literally, been there and done that. But iFeel is the first film that uses this shooting technique to emulate the character's feelings.  He is literally showing his feelings through the lens and that is a refreshing journey that is breathtaking and haunting at the same time.

In your opinion, what aspect of the movie makes it award-worthy?
Good question. The crew and cast involved and their collective spirit is what really pushes this movie forward. You can feel that synchronicity through the film. Some of the shots are truly breathtaking and the creative genius of my Director, Ludwig and Cinematographer, Pawel, was at times mystifying. Ludwig’s vision is really seen through the film, and ultimately through me. That in of itself is award-worthy.

Which audience got it? Which fest did you most enjoy so far?
Honestly, iFeel was well received at all the festivals we had the pleasure to be a part of. I don’t mean to sound pompous with that statement, it’s just the truth. Our film had a lot of buzz, and our nominations and awards reflect that. It was truly a fantastic project to be a part of and it seems to resonate with a vast audience of movie-goers. As far as my favorite festival, it would probably be the Santa Monica Film Festival because it was local for me, and I was able to watch my friends and family enjoy the film and the experience.

What makes your character relatable?
I feel like we all go through Daniel’s journey at some time in our life, in some way, shape, or form. We all, at some point, will question what we want, what we need and how we arrived into our current state of affairs, no matter what they may be, that’s just part of the human condition. We will all feel “off track” at some point in our lives and it takes a strong person to recognize that and have the courage to re-center themselves. That in of itself is relatable.

What do you, personally, think happiness is?
Happiness is different for every person in this world. What happiness is to me could be completely different than what happiness is to you and THAT'S OKAY!  We tend to lose that in this world and it’s current state of affairs. We need to be open to accepting each other, and what makes or does not make them happy. Because happiness, ultimately, is loving yourself. Once you truly love yourself you will know happiness. Happiness is that self-love.

Check out iFeel's official website here.
The Crest's upcoming events can be viewed here.

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Good work from Chloe here!


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