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Cine Asia

Cine Asia, the Sacramento International Asian Film Festival - 

For over ten years, The Sacramento International Asian Film Festival has showcased the best in international Asian cinema. Asian cinema is a wide and expansive term, referring to films from the continent of Asia. More on that later...

This year, The Sacramento International Asian Film Festival is proud to present:

Journey to the Fallen Skies

Stay tuned for more...

 See This year's show:


2013:  Model Minority, by Lily Mariye. Lily is a Japanese actress turned director with some amazing credits including 13 seasons as a regular on ER. Please see an

interview with Lily here.

Lily has surrounded herself with talent including music by husband and jazz legend Boney James, as well as  talented actors like Helen Slater and Academy Award winner Chris Tashima.


CINE ASIA, a brief history...

Cine Asia has over the years featured the best of films from Japan (Spooky Kabooki Halloween), China (Hero), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea Thailand, Cambodia and many others. But Asian cinema offers much more than what one may immediately assume. For example, many Asian-American film makers take part in Cine-Asia. Indeed many from around the world take part.


Southeast Asian Cinema as it is known cinema refers to films from  the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.Central Asian cinema includes Iranian cinema, Tajikistan. West Asian cinema includes Arab, Turkish  and even Israel.

Finally, Cine Asia has premiered many films considered South Asian Cinema; films from  India, Pakistan (Urdu cinema), Bengali cinema and Bangladesh. Perhaps best known of these were the Northern California premieres of the left pictured Slum Dog Millionaire (which, despite its English director had a nearly all Indian crew) and the multi-award winning Vanaja, directed by Rajnesh Domopalli (pictured below).

 Many Cine Asia offerings take a decidedly unconventional approach like Taiwanese director Shu-Hsuan Lin's animated classic short,  Live Outside The Box  depicted below.

Look to Cine Asia to present the best in international Asian cinema each year

as part of the Sacramento Film Festival and as stand-alone film events. please check

our UPCOMING EVENTS page for news of Cine Asia offerings and shows.

On behalf of everyone at the California Film Foundation, we welcome you to Cine Asia!


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